Friday, 5 November 2010

Surviving Mole

They told you that the world was unfair
that the gap kept widening
between the rich and poor

They told you about Economic Emancipation
to catapult you from the squalor of poverty
and grime

They told you about ''Program for Equal World in 2020'
to keep your hopes high
and keep chasing after the wind

But they told you
they never lived with you.

In the leafy Karen suburbs they lived
You squeezed in a rat-hole in a slum

As they woke up to Dormans, fried eggs and fruits
You drank a tasteless liguid that passed for tea

As you held your nose from the stench of flying toilets
They held their noses to foreign dishes in Hilton

And you believed their 'Economic Emancipation' and
'Program for Equal World in 2020'
and kept hope alive
for an 'emancipated world'

Brother, why is there a tear in your eye now?
Why are you tired with them that you listened to?
Any way, I believed them sometimes back till when I discovered
I belonged to a lower rung--the surviving mole

C) Lorot Salem 2010


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