Sunday, 7 November 2010

The Law Confuses Me

My kinsmen, hear this pretty well
The whiteman's laws confuse me
I went to learn his tricks
On how their Elders solve cases

They wear sheep's skin on their heads
And big round white things in their eyes
Place big rungu on their table
No one makes noise

The Big Elder never laughs
His eyes met mine and I felt
My feet turn jelly-like
I felt that he was looking through me
With those big round things of a witch

My kinsmen, cases of the whiteman
Are written on paper
I saw him turn it again and again
I felt like to cry for ourselves

But I didn't see a ram, a goat or honey
That is given to solve the case
All the whiteman did was to hit
The rungu on the table-
And went away!


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