Sunday, 7 November 2010

Echo of Laughs

I have thought fair and square
Of expressing this fond feeling inside me
That yearns for you
That longs for you
That cannot explain the hollowness in my heart

My heart is like a bird-out of the nest
Whistling and chirping in the early morning
Singing one message
For the other birds and the neighbourhood
To hear.

How can I express it, dear,
The radiance of your face
The softness of your mellow voice
The tenderness of your smile

I long for the day, the hour
When together, the two of us
Shall talk to each other
And smile together in merry
And carry the echo of our laughs in our minds

Honey, that day I shall let open my heart
For you
Close to you
And listen to your whispers
In the privacy of our occasion

Let that day unfold, Angel,
For me to shower you with my love

C) Lorot Salem 2010


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