Sunday, 7 November 2010

Let's Talk About My Political Rivals

Let's talk about my political rivals
Who, like shadows, keep tracking me
As if my shadow is blacker than theirs

Listen, thrice I have been tracked
By tinted-glasses vehicles
On my way home
A choreographed plan to assassinate me!

Now, they tarnish my character
Built in nineteen of public scrutiny
On the scandal scheme
And cooked-up past crimes

The object is this ministerial post
And the attendant fat allowances and mileages
My rivals would rather sell their kidneys
Than see me in a Fuel Guzzler
But I don't care

As this flag flutters in free Kenyan wind
They fritter away to corridors of shame
As I carry this portfolio
They wither in the face
How I make freaks out of them!

I once invited them in my cosy office
Air-conditioned and adorned with leather chairs
I told them of my plan for the higher seat in the land
In the coming General Elections-
Of course I was kidding!

As if working on a script
My rivals' faces lit up
All of them talked
Of how Kenya badly needed me
Yes, how badly Kenya misses me!

C) Lorot Salem 2010


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