Monday, 29 November 2010

Political Speech

This is meant to be a political speech
I have to say this early because it will screech your ears
And tug at your heart..wrench it even
For we have grown apolitical
Traded our voices, our freedom
This speech will capture that dream
That was conceived times past
But is kicked around in non-recognition
This speech is the tablet of the people, the masses
Their commandments to the powers-that-be
That it will not be business as usual
For in every hamlet and slum, every corner and abode
This speech will be carried through
To give a re-birth to that dream
To dramatize the upsurge of the downtrodden

The masses will gather to hear the cause of their suffering
They will boil in their hearts
They will seethe, they will simmer
They will constrict in their throats
They will unite
They will join hands and join the dots
The bits and pieces, the odds and ends
The downtrodden will rise out of their slums
To carry this message, this political speech
And make it their own
They will ignite fire in their marrows
And blaze in their eyes
They will heave with disgust
To hear about this dream they once had
But was snatched away from them
They will envision the lost opportunities
The smokescreen
The bluff
The stooges will quake in their boots
Listening to this speech
For it will not be heard and forgotten
It will plant the seed of another dream
A dream bigger and grand, a dream that will never be stolen
It will shake every corner of slums
It will fire up the masses
It will cause a seismic twist to the powers-that-be
For this speech is a political speech
Written by the blood of the slum-dwellers
Carrying the breath of debased men living in misery
Inked by the lost dreams of youths in garbage mounds
Nursed by the bare-chested mothers with malnourished babies
This political speech is not written actually
Because the illiterate masses will not read them
It is the wind of hope blowing across the slums
It would not be comprehensible
It will not follow any style
It will not bear any introduction
It will not have any conclusion
It will not follow any particular pattern
For this speech is a speech of revolt
Against structures, layouts, formats
It is not pre-defined
It will lump everything together
With no specific order
Yet remain true to its message and intent
This political speech is not actually political
Because it is not empty rhetoric and witchhunt
But it could be political, if you think about it.

C) Lorot Salem 2010


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