Sunday, 7 November 2010

Pamoja Tujenge

A dream was born, Son,
Many years ago
When I was still your age
A dream undreamt of
A dream that started like any other dream

Son, that dream lay somewhere between
Two villages in war combat
That dream sat between two spears
Crossed with the folly of man
That dream was in burnt huts and bleeding bodies

We gathered as like-minded individuals
And spoke with this dream
Convinced him to propel us
To the joy of a new dawn

We walked with this dream
We talked with this dream
We prayed with this dream
The dream was us
We were the dream

Like peace ambassadors we are
We travelled the length and breadth of our land
Moved to warring communities
Bearing testimony to this dream

Son, that was many years ago
When Pamoja Tujenge was born
When this dream sprung
When blood ran in my veins

How we united enemies, Son
Exchanged spear for cattle dips
And guns for traditional stools
Enemy greeted enemy
Assailant met assailant
Laughter travelled from village to village

Let not the imposing stature of this dream
Deceive you
This is the dream, Son,
Which defined us.


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