Saturday, 6 November 2010

Fight on, brother, Fight on!

( For Kevin Shivachi, my brother)

We watched the Metal Jacket
Bought those retail concoctions
Before the D-day
How we dreamt, brother,
Unaware of the absence in-between

Time lapsed
25th October. Wham bam!

Tororot, the God of the Rising Sun,
Heard you, brother
How you were overjoyed
How you were humbled!

Brother, now that you are
in the Training Camp
Remember the Metal Jacket. And home.
And God. And us.

We are proud of you, brother
So fight on, Kacheliba son,
Your eyes on that day
Resplendent in Marching Gear
Oh! That day, brother!

Acquire the Mule's stubbornness
Adopt the undaunted spirit of a tiger
Wear the cool spirit of a dove
Fight on, brother, fight on!

C) Lorot Salem 2010


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