Sunday, 28 November 2010


I am a tall, lanky fellow
With no much strength
Of a seasoned boxer

So why dare me to a physical fight?
Why are you raising your fist, brother
Challenging me to a bout
When you know I am not a fighter?
Why are you rolling up your sleeves
And charging like an incensed bull
From Ikolomani?

Don’t challenge me to a physical fight, brother
Invite me to an E-fight, E-blows, E-boxing
There I will sit and pontificate arguments
Throw e-blows to you in calculated diction
Use every word of English to whip you up with reason
Pen the most scathing diatribe to irritate your spleen
Throw in sarcasm in quick succession
Mock you with voice of reason
Show you that we invented this game

So keep away your fist brother,
Breath easy, unroll your sleeves
I am of small frame
Against your thick build
But I will fight you with words
Not with sword.

C) Lorot Salem 2010


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