Sunday, 7 November 2010

The Law Student

First, it is the walk of pride
Of being a law student
On the unprecedented road to advocacy
The joy, the jolly, the folly

Then it finds general application, before 12/8/1897.
That is,
In the precedents, case laws, statutes, Acts,
Provisions, sections and subsection
Soon the walk of pride becomes a stoop

The stoop stops and scuttles downwards
In interpretations, holdings of Judges, deductive and
Inductive reasoning, the rule of law, jurisdiction...
Then the stoop mutates to bowed heads

All over a sudden, the law becomes an ass
Kicking and never shielding
The name becomes a living ghost
To evoke a goose pimple from mere mention

The roaring sea flows on and on
Carrying logs of legal systems, contracts
constitutional law, torts, legal methods...
The law student, like a dog, stays afloat
In the ocean of legal dicta

The law student will spot river banks
Hoping to cling on a root
But he will stare hopelessly
As the wave of statutes will sweep
Till he's thrown in an island
Trying to catch a breath

C) Lorot Salem 2010


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