Sunday, 7 November 2010

Proud to be a Rotaractor

( Written while I was a member of Rotaract Club CUEA in 2009)

Proud we are of many things
Things about life, love and education
Education both in books and in life
Life well lived but not as being a Rotaractor

Talk we do of diverse topics
Topics about politics, rumour and humour
Humour real or imagined
Imagined but not as exciting as being a Rotaractor

Love we do of many things
If Facebook be our addiction
If chapo-combi be our latest culinary taste in campus
If Churchill Live be our be-all and end-all in our homes
If Black-Berry be our latest phone model
If K'ogelo be our intended ancestral place
If, If, If...and many Ifs
But being a Rotaractor is all of the above

In Rotaract Club CUEA, we don't read about life
We lead it, travelling it in its labyrinth
In Rotaract Club of CUEA, we don't invite mercy
We cuddle her in our bosoms, we make her our friend
In Rotaract Club of CUEA, we don't speak for humanity
We interact, counteract and impact the very humanity itself

So be proud, fellow Rotaractors
Be proud, very proud
Come join me to sing this song
With the theme of love
The tone of humility
The chorus of unending service
Sing along with me, dear Rotaractors

For when my voice gets coarse-back me up
For when I am consumed with stage fright- pat my back
For when I hit the wrong note-encourage me
For this song must be sang to humanity
To comfort them, to give them message of hope

So teach me again to smile, fellow Rotaractors
To smile while singing this Rotaract song
Be consumed with me in its delight
For even before the word Rotaract was formed
We lived the Rotaract life
For my genetic code is XX Rotaract Chromosome
For a Rotaractor I was, will be, and ever will be
I am proud to be a Rotaractor-najivunia kuwa Mrotarakti

C) Lorot Salem 2010


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