Friday, 29 April 2011

Weep Not, Child

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I feel your remorse
The tears welling up in your eyes
For Mother Africa
As you suckle her dry tits
Weep not, Child

Weep not, Child
When your limbs are ripped by grenades
And your eyes are fed with the nakedness of Mother
In greed, in corruption, in dictatorship
Fed with hopelessness
Fed with misery
Fed with power-hunger

You see, Child
If Mother Africa was cruel enough
She would have flapped her tits to the sun
And said, “ I curse you all, let the sun and my tits
Bear me witness: you shall never know peace!”
If Mother Africa was impatient
She would have escaped to other distant lands
Get another husband and move on
If Mother Africa had no hope for us
The sun would burn with less passion
The wind would blow with less pomp
The wildebeest would never cross Mara
The hyena would never laugh
The birds would never chirp

But, such things, child
Mother Africa wouldn’t do
Never will:
Take counsel, then, child
Weep not, child
Wipe your tears
Laugh again

Weep not, child
You have cried for far too long
How long should a child cry?
Your sorrow you’ve poured to the night
A dark, solitary night of dejection
Many a tear you’ve shed to fill lakes
Many a whisper you’ve held back
For fear, for sheer fear
Till when, child?
Till when?

Step out in the sun, child
Feel its warmth burn your skin once again
Go to the rain, child
Feel the drizzle washing away your sorrow
Go to the hills and mountains, child
Feel the breath-taking beauty, inhale the fresh air
Go to the rivers and lakes, child
Feel the ankle-deep waters wash away your dusty feet
Smile again, laugh again, hope again
Weep not, child.

C) Salem Lorot 2011


Sherry Blue Sky said...

Salem, this is my favourite type of poem of yours,when you write from your heart about your pain over Africa and her children, especially the small ones. This is just lovely, beautiful and sad. But hopeful, too, in the beauty of your final lines. Wonderful writing.

Salem Lorot said...

@ Sherry Blue Sky, thank you so much Koko. It gives me joy that in these matters it is like our hearts are conjoined. And like they do it in the movies, the ending has to be hopeful, a good ending in a manner of speaking.

Anonymous said...

I hear Africa speaking through your words..very well written. I too write about Africa but wish I could experience it first hand the way you obviously have. You bring it to life right here. Thanks for sharing :)

Salem Lorot said...

@ Wordsasunder, welcome to Lorot's Poetry. Thank you for your kind comment. Great you stopped by because I will get to read more of you.

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