Saturday, 16 April 2011

Letter to Son

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I am sorry, My Son
Daddy didn’t mean to embarrass you
I am sorry, My Son

How does Daddy explain all this?
How does Daddy say it didn’t happen
When Daddy’s name is on everyone’s lips--
Even that of the Milkman?
How does Daddy say it didn’t happen
When at school, your friends
Mock you for a corrupt father?
How does Daddy explain that it did not happen?

I am sorry son
For even when it comes to light that I didn’t steal
Your world would have crushed
Dreams in a mortar pestled
Faith in me smothered
If I be exonerated
Will it matter when Daddy’s name
Would have been darker than the darkest of evils?
Will the screaming headlines hush?
Or news clip obliterated, or your hurt reversed?

I am sorry, Son,
For failing you as a Daddy
Daddy is sorry, really sorry

If you were old enough, Son
I would have told you all these:
That I remained what I said
That real devils operate in the hearts of men
Scheming the most wicked believable tales
Yet the world often listens to them

If you were old enough, Son
I would have told you
That my wealth I got from growing cassava
Sugarcane and burning bricks
If my mouth breath lies
Let Tororot split it with lightning
As you will learn, My Son,
Your great grandfather was a Paramount Chief
He was a good man, what evil spirit should enter me
To shame him in his death?

I am sorry, My Son,
For failing you
I know what you feel right now
The pain, the shame
Daddy is sorry, really sorry

Time will clean me up, My Son
I also bear your pain and shame
Be strong Son, these things happen
When you grow up, you will understand them.

C) Lorot Salem 2011


Sherry Blue Sky said...

You wrote this so well, Salem. I could feel the father's pain, and the son's world shattered.

Andy said...

The father's pain and shame is most profound.
Once your name has been sullied and your integrity questioned, even if innocent, doubt will always remain.
Very well written.

Sherry Irvine said...

Such a beautiful apology - heartfelt and sincere. Love reading your work. xo

Salem Lorot said...

@ Andy, true..the damage can't be reversed
Thank you for your comment.

@ Sherry Blue Sky, asante sana

@ Sherry Irvine, thank you. It is such a hard position for a person in this situation.

Greyscale Territory said...

So much pain ingrained in this poem! The guilt and the wish that all could be reveresed are so dramatically intimate! Beautiful!

M. A. S. said...

This is so powerful. It's full of great phrases, like "Told you to die with a good name."

Kim Nelson said...

The sorrow's intensity and plea for forgiveness jumps off the page. Strong write.

Salem Lorot said...

@ Greyscale Territory,
@ M.A.S,
@ Kim Nelson,

I really appreciate the time and effort you took in reading the poem and dropping your kind comments.

Best regards.

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