Saturday, 30 April 2011

Language Conversation (III)

Men pride themselves of social welfare
Wrong. In the Sentence Republic
The archetypal tenets of social welfare
Reveal, of that let’s be clear
Men dish cents to the aged
Throw a dime to persons with disability
And let them fend for themselves
And they call that social welfare?
Last time I checked, I thought
It meant appreciation, not ridding off
Buying off with ‘a-cent-keep-mum’
In Sentence Republic, all segments
Are housed—we call that a sentence
To keep them from cold, a fort protects
Them—we call that a book
And that term ‘persons with disability’
In Sentence Republic, that demeans
If one of our own is insufficient we say
‘in want of more inspiration, still blooming’
And if a comma leaps and falls down the
Cliff of long-winding sentences
We nurse him, we don’t say ‘he fell!’
We say, ‘look, his adventurous self
Then we treat him—
We call that editing
No comma, no colon, no hyphen
Is unappreciated—
We call that proof-reading
In full glory, we let all of them
The subjects, verbs, adverbs, objects
Punctuation march before man’s eyes
His uuuuuhs and aaaaaaahs to be heard
Of proud sentences, adorned with
Full ceremonial regalia—
We call that publishing
But what of Man Republic?
Despite a comma’s effort
Of assisting a subordinate clause
All praise would be heaped on
A sentence—in all grandeur of selfishness
In Sentence Republic we don’t do that!
We went past that smokescreen!

C) Lorot Salem 2011


Sherry Blue Sky said...

Salem, I so love the whimsy of this , most especially the positive language: not falling, but "his adventurous self one". I LOVE "in want of more inspiration, still blooming". Oh dont you wish everyone talked like that? Such good writing!

Salem Lorot said...

Sure Koko. I would love them to talk like that. Words should define positivity. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Raining Iguanas said...

In one word, (+)

Salem Lorot said...

@ Raining iguanas, in one word, ( :) )

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