Monday, 25 April 2011

There you Lie

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1.    There you lie, motionless
Unable to breathe, stiffened
Body sprawled, a ghastly sight

There you lie, my past,
On the gravel, in bloody mess
Not a jot towering, subdued in death

There you lie, detached
Detached from all menace
Like the bare fangs of a preserved puff-adder
A shadow of a slain dragon

I feel free, free like poetic licence
In a wicked sense, grinning
At your scattered limbs,
Call me a sadist—your death ticks!

Why is it that the air is eerie then?
Why is it that I am not toasting?
Why am I still staring at you from Fifth Floor?
Why did I yank you?
Was this cruel?

C) Lorot Salem 2011

# For a prompt  Poetry Tow Truck 17: Yakkety-Yak ( Don’t Talk Back), Donna Vorreyer


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