Wednesday, 20 April 2011

A Day in the Life of a Poe-Blogger

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As I trawl upon blogs, carrying with me
the fragrance of your thoughts
I stop by and marvel, your talents,
Like tributaries, flow eternally
A vast sight, picturesque

As I press Enter and see your blogs
 come to life, a certain child-like anticipation
Sweeps my soul, my toes tick, my eyes dazzle
My mind leaps with joy!
My world is lit!

Then as I read your blogs
A certain string of my heart is strummed
As if a telepathic message
 is relayed
I read on,
all sweaty, all expectant
I read the rhyme, I savour the limerick
I adore the haiku, wait, what an imagery!

Lovely, isn’t it, that
a poem as far as Kwa-Zulu Natal
Should make me burst into laughter
Somewhere in the woods of Kenya?

I only wonder how my ancestors
Would be utterly surprised
When I tell them,
“See this poem here?
The one who has written it
Is in Obamaland”

C) Lorot Salem 2011


Sherry Blue Sky said...

I so love this one, Salem. I feel that way when I see that YOU have posted! It is chilly in western Canada for this time of year and some parts of the country are still experiencing snow. And I read your words written in Kenya, and feel the warmth of the African sun.

Andy said...

I agree with Sherry.

Even though we are all different colors, races, live in various parts of the world, have dfferent lifestyles & even more varying personalities, it is truly amazing how we can completely immerse ourselves in someone else's writing and experience the sense of what (s)he is expressing, as if we are one...Not only is this due to modern technology, but it speaks volumes to the expertise of the writer.

Excellent write, Salem. I read a lot of your work and you are extremely talented. Keep up the good work.

(Thank you for the beautiful words you left on my blog. I am humbled by your comments)

Kim Nelson said...

I share your joy. You've parsed it perfectly. What a wonderful world!

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how we have truly come together as one world because of the internet, despite what governments want. lol

Salem Lorot said...

@ Sherry Blue Sky, I really appreciate that. Works both ways. Here in the African Sun, your poetry does magic. It is as if it is a shade under which it lets my soul rest from the searing Sun of Life's hot temperatures.

@ Andy, well put, good friend. Couldn't put it any better. It gratifies me that the gifted poet from the good City of Pennyslvania can read my blog.

@ Kim Nelson, what a wonderful world in deed! And as Kim Nelson writes, my Imagination she bites, O, Kim Nelson, wonderful world is an understatement. Got to coin a word.

@ Paul Andrew Russel, and when Paul is in the mix, the picture is complete. What an inspiration! And as one of my good friends Jeff Koinange would have said, " The blogosphere is smokkkkkkkkin"!

Mad Kane said...

Great perspective. I enjoyed it.
Mad Kane

Salem Lorot said...

@ Mad Kane, thank you so much. And when we have your limericks, the poetry world is ablaze!

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