Saturday, 30 April 2011

Language Conversation (I)

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Men pride themselves of fluency
Apprenticed in the art of conversation
Wrong. In the beginning was language conversation
A pair, to wit, noun and adjective stood by
Noun intoned, “Writer, conquer me, I have a name
Just call me”
Interjecting, adjective, all pompous, bragged,
“When you name him, name him well, I know him
Call on me”
Overhearing the conversation, another pair,
To wit, a verb and an adverb, scurried forth
Adverb jeered, “O my good writer, listen not to
Our besotted noun and adjective
I can jump, I can cry, I can run, I can walk!”
“But how fast?” Adverb interrupted,
“And how long? How far?”
A conjunction stood by, miffed,
“Adverb, you loud-mouth,
You use ‘but’ and ‘and’
Those are my kittens!”
“Hey, hey! Go easy conjunction,”
Interjection cried,
“What kittens when you use ‘!’?”
The writer sat there,
Watching the drama unfold
Noun and adjective bragged
That the name God
Is theirs;
Verb and adverb, undaunted, said,
“God is a verb, He is always doing something”
“No no no,” conjunction and interjection
Opposed, “God is a conjunction. Either that
Or an interjection. He connects sentences
Of his creation which leaves us surprised”
The preposition, who had been quiet all this while
Commented, “All this while folks, you have no idea
That you are debating all this here, logically,
That’s me, folks, that’s me”

On and on, they talked,
Ad infinitum

Exercising better judgment,
The writer implored,

“Folks, you all rock,
How about teaming up
For this story, it must win a prize!”

C) Lorot Salem 2011

Shared with One Shot Wednesday Week 44


Brian Miller said...

ha. playful the argument of words...spin them into line writer...

Salem Lorot said...

Thank you so much Brian Miller. Glad you stopped by.

Andy said...

Who knew words could have so much fun!
Another fine masterpiece from you Salem. Keep up the good work.

Salem Lorot said...

Thank you so much Andy. Here, they say "asante". Been quite a while my brother.

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