Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Pestle and Mortar

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I Dreamt a Dream! What can it mean?
Who could interpret what it portends?

In it, I saw a huge pestle—
 the size of Africa
Grenades, detonators and guns—
All weapons the world ever knew
Manuscripts, scrolls, speeches—
The objects that stoked hatred

Near it, I saw a pestle—
The size of Australia
Gandhi and Luther King
Stood by, Mother Theresa
Was busy weeping by
At that moment

On a Big Screen flashed
Hearts ripped by bullets
Towns and cities bombed
A limbless child lay, lifeless
Nations of the earth watched
Moved, in collective agony

Then, as if on cue,
Those people held the pestle
Lifted it, one, two, three
They sang harambee
Lifted it, up, up, up
When the pestle descended
Into the mortar, all its contents
Were pounded like yam
They pounded, pounded
Pounded till a paste was formed
More pounding and a thick liquid
Mankind partook of it
Man cried ever more

When I looked at the Big Screen
I saw Gandhi and Mother Theresa and King—
All crying in joy
Fleetingly, I saw all Leaders of the Earth
Dancing round and round
A thousand doves flew above
The Earth detoxified itself
Buried bullets and shells flew;
To an overhanging magnet
I saw Earth heave

I awoke—
Dream Interpreters what say thee?

C) Lorot Salem 2011

For a prompt Carry on Tuesday Plus #101 The task was to use the lines " I Dreamt a Dream! What can it mean?" from William Blake's poem, "The Angel".


Sherry Blue Sky said...

I say you have dreamed a beautiful dream. May it come true! Great writing, Salem!!!!!

Salem Lorot said...

Asante sana, Koko. After my brief weekend hiatus, I am back-with a bang! Great day for you.

The Fool said...

Lovely poetry with strong message.

Salem Lorot said...

Thank you, The Fool. Glad you stopped by.

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