Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Vision Launch

You heard him
launch his
vision at the
Conference Centre
the pomp and pomposity
delegates from as far as Land Paved with Gold

you remember the solidarity speeches
for our 'son'
the psycophancy songs
how the visionary's supporters
hollered and howled and scowled

you remember how the audience
was electrified
by the speech
the French phrases
the quotes from Martin Luther King Jnr.
to Lincoln to American Declaration of Independence
thunderous applause

the press splashed the story
and called it 'My Dream For Kenya'
there will be free primary
free secondary
free university
no taxes
lean government
katiba in 100 days
tarmacked road
affirmative action
free sanitary towels

no one mentioned
the fuel guzzler
the tax free perks
the mileage
the anglo-leasing scandal
the grabbed land

any way, the vision was tight
to allow such miniature things

C) Lorot Salem 2010


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