Wednesday, 27 October 2010

SMS, With Love

I think love is a yeast
that froths the brew of our creativity

all over a sudden
our numb minds are stropped
till they gleam with ideas

take me for instance
English to me sailed by boat, so they say,
but for the sake of my love Wambui
i thumbed my phone keypad all day
till i sent her this message:
Sweet angel, in thine mind, body and soul I am trapped
I think slow, remembering your flow before this blow that kills me
slow; I have stooped low, please love me

Mind you I had enrolled for rhymes in poetry class
and flopped-twice
slow/flow, blow/low rhymes
are not mine
for copyright purposes include:
c)SMS, with love

Please tell me what you think


sue said...

mmmh! wot is there to be said?

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