Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Thinking the Impossible

I want to ask you
How would the world be
If we could write volumes and volumes,
stacks and stacks of books
On our minds
At the click of our minds,
our brain google searches
Then in seconds, message is retrieved?

 How would the world be
 If we could fly to distant endless skies
Such that a flap coudl slap us aloft the ground?

How would the Earth be
If we had portable fridges in our stomachs
Which providence would have bestowed upon us
Such that we are full by food,
through food and in food
Be it Ugali, sukumawiki, okra, akume zozo, spaghetti,
Murenda, chicken, chapati, crisps, hooves, bonemarrow...
How about if Leaders
from the Gates of Heaven
Sliding in the castles and spiralways of the air,
and with a thud
Bump unto seat of power
Prayed for by the subjects of the world?

I want to ask you
to give me your humble opinion:
How would the world be
If Palestinians and Israelites shook hands and  made  merry
in the Gaza strip: 
Or Darfur crisis crisped under the tender warmth of love
Or Global Terrorism terrorised itself and fled with terror
Or Nuclear wars, Bomb blasts, Tomahawks, Missiles
Exploded into another planet, for good?
How would the world be
If sorrows, dejections, heartbreaks-
Phased out?

C) Lorot Salem 2010


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