Friday, 29 October 2010


The baby is born, born with the poverty of life,
Life unending with misery, misery of the material world,
World strangled with artificial beauty, beauty that peels,
Peeling with pale oddity, oddity that reveals secularism

Christmas is here, here with man,
Man seeking to colour its face, face divine and true,
True to form and purpose, purpose oft plagued,
Plagued with constipation and drunkenness, drunkenness that confuses

The baby is born, born again in our midst,
Midst polarised by wars, wars that spoil peace,
Peace carried in the baby's eyes, eyes of love and goodwill,
Goodwill lacking in men, men of this lovely world

The baby is born, born once more for us
Us who should ululate and dance, dance in holy joy
Joy of the birds and animals of the wild, wild with love,
Love unconditional, unconditional for the Baby Jesus


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