Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Queen of the Hills

Woman of my heart, Queen of the Hills,
I paint canvas of this world with words
In thick brushstrokes
To convey this feeling, this passion, this love
But despite such
I can’t paint. I can’t word my world.
I am not myself.

For if I were, I would sit before you for hours
Like an artist—Picasso, may be
And give my all.
If I were, I would invoke the goddess of love
Woo her for your passing interest
Plead with her, beseech her even

But am content, sweet one,
To grope in darkness to search meaning to this
The odds and ends
To paint this passion on the canvas of time
I will sit for hours to ruminate what unfolds
I will take small doses of your soothing love
And be content.
And at the edge of time, Queen of the Hills,
We shall sit beside the ocean and chase each other
And let the waves lap on our feet
And giggle. And hug. And fondle.
C) Salem Lorot 2010

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