Wednesday, 27 October 2010

December 27th

We voted-December 27th
We voted
We voted for democracy
We voted for peace
We voted for rule of law
We voted knowing well that whoever won will be president
for us all-
We cared less about PNU, ODM or Wiper
We never bothered about the Ng'ethes and Nazlins of this,
Our beautiful Kenya

How we danced to Banjuka, Bado Mapambano
and gave Steadman Wiper
We even listened to Bishop and sang tip tip amani Kenya
with our brother Kalembe Ndile

In all our shades we voted
Kikuyu and Luo
Kamba and Kalenjins
Muslims and Christians
From Kacheliba to Oloitokitok
From Kondele to El Wak
We all voted
For our brothers who owned TV
They might have seen that advert-
agege sasa ni wakati wa kabila yetu, tutakanyagana
but we just ignored and went on with our campaigns

So on December 27th we turned in our millions
to speak through ballot
we voted with our conscience
we voted the man we loved
we voted as a duty

December 27th we braved sun and sand
Braved shack and slum life
we voted
we spoke

but now we sing no banjuka anymore
we sing no bado mapambano anymore
we give no one wiper anymore-not even to Steadman
we sing no tip tip amani Kenya anymore
we are not Kenyans
we are Luos, Kikuyus, Kambas and Kalenjins
we are us and them
like in the advert we sing agege ni wakati wa kabila

behind the mask of Kibaki and Raila
we vent our anger
we kill 'them'
we burn 'their' business and
chase 'them'
with our narrow eyes we let our
brutalities show
we kill each other with passion
we torch our neighbour's houses

we voted, we spoke
but Kenya is bigger to nest us all
when we kill the other, don't they die?
when they hurt don't they cry?
when the sun hits doesn't it hit us all?

We voted, we spoke
but we spoke for peace
we spoke for unity in Kenya
we never voted for bloodbath!


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