Friday, 29 October 2010

Prayer to Highway Robber

 ( Written on 1st November 2006)

If you should hijack my Beetle, dear Highway Robber,
Don't hit me with your metallic hands
Or press your gun on my frail nose
Be professional: kindly carry me out and smile
To ease my disturbed nerves
If you wish you can apologize for being thorough
Methodical, even
But please, dear Highway Robber,
Don't blindfold me and squeeze me in the booth

Don't even bother to drive me off
To some deserted, rocky outskirts
Save me the fare back home
For my sake, don't force me to call you dad
When you are everything but a dad
Don't even force me to kneel for you
When my knee-caps are for God alone

Dear Highway Robber, watch your tongue
Don't call me names when I am Baba Tolly
I squeezed the dry teats of my payslip
Licked and squeezed and out came this Beetle

I am not lying: The engine of this 'Investment'
Is held together by ropes, strings and cellotapes
Spin the steering wheel to the right to negotiate to the left
Tap the breakpads incessantly to stop
Dear Highway robber, if still you should take this Beetle
Book an appointment with me for a
Special Driving Course, with fees!


sue said...

great work,u rock

Lorot Son of the Hills said...

Thanks dear reader. As I always say, your satisfaction keeps me in business.

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