Wednesday, 27 October 2010

The Trial of the Village Chicken Thief

You saw the case in the Press
Captured in the headline:
Chicken Thief Imprisoned
For seven years.
Any way, he comes from my village

I heard the case from the chief
Who heard if from the shopkeeper
Of the only retail shop in our village
That the chicken thief was the son
Of Pastor Mwang’ombe

I hear (again?) that the chicken thief
Stole the chicken for gift to Kamalikaze
The village witchdoctor
To help him stop wife’s beatings
His woman once kicked him
He nearly kissed death

You also saw the case of that multi-billionaire
Who was accused of siphoning money to Swiss bank
How the case camouflaged
Till the multi-billionaire breathed breeze of freedom
Now, that’s a paragon of justice

Of course pastor Mwang’ombe
Breathed hail and brimstone
That tongue of fire will lick the nation
Like Sodom and Gomorrah
But his son is a Chicken Thief

C) Lorot Salem 2010

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sue said...

ha ha ha! u know how to do it!

Lorot Son of the Hills said...

Thanks. And thanks for reading.

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