Sunday, 19 February 2012

The Voices Within Us

I heard some times back
That all good things come in threes
And so are bad things;
Amidst conflicting priorities in life
You could be tossed hither and thither
Doubts will arise, selfishness will creep in
Hitherto good intentions will be marred
Bad will transcend to the worse
Standards will dwindle, finances will be low

It would be easy to rebel against society
A misplaced anger upon the people who made you
Trapped in whimsical wants

But the melody of our hearts,
The siren in our conscience
Nine times out of ten
Those who are in line with society are right
I read that from a letter of an old lawyer to son

Find that voice, Pilgrim,
That will speak for society
Not against them
Say YES to that voice
And you will never be wrong.

In response to the Poets United's The Thursday Think Tank #83- YES


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