Sunday, 19 February 2012

Google Map to My Home

Behind the hills of Shabaha is our home
A ses tree, like a heavenly canopy, hangs on our roof
Some clothe is trapped among its thorns
A few meters away is the akoretee tree
On whose shade I sip ksoyo milk
And watch the Kacheliba Hill

There is a mound, ok a grave,
I don’t know who is buried there
So mum and us poured a lot of soil
To disguise it

We have a goat shed
In the morning, our goats scratch their backs against it
Billy, my brother, milks the goats with a small cup
Soon, tea is ready as we sip it under the Morning Sun

Our small radio tells of the news
Everybody listens as if their breaths hang on every word
K.B.C. Idhaa Ya Taifa-- Omuga Kabisaye, Leonard Mambo,
Loree Loolio, Kijana Mtall

Seated in our smoky hut
Patiently waiting for food
Sharing laughter
I would trade my lungs than give those!

In response to Poets United's Thursday Think Tank #84- Home


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