Sunday, 19 February 2012

First Thing We Do, Let Us Stop All Clocks!

Stop all clocks
Drown all chimes
Make all time still

When the rush is over,
When galloping intentions are calmed,
May be we would explore nature’s wondrous journey
To notice that we have been enslaved, yet again!

Our primal ancestors looked to the sun
Morning and Evening they called time
Now, 7.32 a.m.—So what is so magical about that?
And for that, 32 minutes lateness creates haggard faces,
Overlapping vehicles, hooting, running machines
Did I miss the meeting?
I mean when they were portioning time?

So, bells ring to tell of time
To tell me to eat, to rest, to go home, to marry
If I eat in the morning, their bullet eyes sear through me
If I watch the Sunrise, they say ‘Lazy Goat there’
When I speak, they stare into their watches
Kinsman, when we speak we greet, ask of our clans,
Whether the Nanny Goat gave birth, who gave birth,
Who died
And we don’t waste time
That is a fictitious concept

I would have finished this poem
But sorry, the bell has rung
I need to move to another thing

In response to Carry on Tuesday # 145


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