Monday, 13 February 2012

A Valentine Song to My Love

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True, I am in love—
So to speak, I fell head-over-heels
In love with her
The lady of my dreams
Is like boiled sweet potatoes
That you bite before sunrise
You need no sugar nor salt
She has taste!

I love her
The same way she loves me
Her love is not vain
She speaks softly to me
As if her voice was a whisper
To a butterfly
When her eyes look into mine
It is as if they peer into my heart
Her love evokes wonder within me
Love is a wonderful thing
When you are in love
It is as if you are walking on bouncing castles
The world smiles at you
The sun burns less
The wind blows right
When you switch on the radio
You hear the voice of love
The world smiles at you
When you are in love
Everything seems right

Poetry, my sweet love,
I have always known her
She is not vain nor ignorant
She is not loud nor boisterous
She is not jealous nor possessive
When I flirt with the moon
Or engage in a tète-á-tète with the sun
She doesn’t throw up her arms
Like girls do in a fit of blind rage
No, my love doesn’t do that,
She lets me be
She is wise to know that
My heart may travel many miles away
But in the evening I return
And tell her of tales most epic,
Love most strong

My babe, she loves me,
Even when I have no money
Because she knows that true love
Was never chained on monetary value
And I, a poor soul, people ask
“Lucky star, how come she loves you so?”
They think there are quick answers
They are wrong
Love is not arithmetic
It is more complex than the algorithms
I also don’t know why she loves me
She tells me she loves my small ears
I don’t know
I know that is silly
But have you realized that serious love is silly?

My love, let us escape to our hearts
Once again
I will write my love on your heart
If there be sorrow, I will be the sparrow
If there be joy, I will be the minstrel
Come closer, sweet love,
Let us escape to our hearts


Sherry Blue Sky said...

SOOOOO beautiful....and how come Koko has not heard of this wondrous person? Hee hee! I especially love "if there be sorrow, I will be the sparrow. If there be joy, I will be the minstrel". Glorious!

echoesofthehills said...

Thanks Koko. Ha ha. I think the information slipped from the mind of Grandson. Plus, suspense works the magic, right? Ha ha.

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