Thursday, 23 February 2012

The Proclamation of the Hills

On 20th February, we celebrated the World Day of Social Justice. Social Justice has been a running theme in this blog. Though late, again, all is not lost. My conscience will now rest after writing a poem about the day.
This poem takes a poetry form known as “the Bob and Wheel”. It consists of 2 separate but related stanzas. The second stanza has the first line termed the ‘Bob’, with the next four lines termed the ‘Wheels’. The ‘Bob’ rhymes with the second and fourth ‘Wheels’. The other two wheels rhyme with each other.



Let this Proclamation of Our Common Intents
reveal our Mutual Accord to the service of man
to remind us of our chequered histories of tyrannies
that led to early deaths and perpetual human want
which, if we could foresee, early enough in time

                                                       could have prevented the loss we bear
                                                       on our visages, for us the savages
                                                       yet, such a past to examine we dare
                                                       though they suppurate under bandages
                                                       the scar of history we all share


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