Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Let Us Draw a Sketch, You and I

Let us then draw a sketch, you and I,
Of a blueprint of what our minds chart

Draw close, put these thoughts,
Paint them anew, make them real

Let us get lost in this moment,
Let us be poised to tomorrow

Never be shackled, let our minds be free
Let them intrude into the dawn unknown

Let us immortalize these, you and I
Because oft great ideas are shy and soon scamper

Let us forget this moment, the pain and reality
Let us envision ourselves soaring with the eagles

Let us then draw a sketch, you and I
Of that very eagle

Imagine us flapping those wings, the endless skies
Buildings like toys, monuments like grains

Imagine us in that freeing wind
Gliding, diving in phantom heights

Now, let us draw the sketch, you and I
Let us be the eagle

Worry not of the fate of Icarus and Daedulus
We are not even in the clouds, first things first

After finishing the sketch,
Let us look back and cogitate

Tomorrow, you and I,
we will be that eagle.

C) Lorot Salem 2011


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