Monday, 7 February 2011

If I Could

If I could clasp at the hand of time
I would freeze it at this moment
Wedge it in-between our palpitating hearts
Oblivious to the cacophony without

If I could hypnotize the moon
I would draw its magnificent rays
To light crooked shadows
Of cracked walls and forgotten footpaths

If I could entrance the love goddesses
I would gather Eros, Cupid and Venus
I would charm Isis, Ishtar and Aphrodite
To feed us with ambrosia and

If I could say my wish
It could be to flee with you to the Maldives and
Pantai Pasir Hitam
Sit in Beachfront Deluxe
Inhale  tropical sea breeze
See ancient fishing jetty ourselves
Sprawled in the black sand

But here, my earth goddess,
Under the shade of our oron tree
We will sit on dusty sand and talk
Talk about egrets and elephants
And uuhhhm- Us.

C) Lorot Salem 2011


Jingle said...

If I could clasp at the hand of time
I would freeze it at this moment...

love the way you words tic, toc toe,
well done.

Andy said...

Very nice indeed.

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