Friday, 18 February 2011

God Recites a Poem ( Part 2)

(Continued from Part 1)

In my poetry, I need no audience
For I can be my own audience
I seek no man's approbation nor appraisal
I am God, I don't move with emotions

I need no experience
I need no reward
If I write I write, once writ no one unwrites
For I am Alpha and Omega, The First and the Last
Time is me, experience is under my feet

I am El-Gibhor, the Mighty God
For I can roar as thunder and whisper in the winds
I can lift the poor and humble the wealthiest
I can speak now and echo throughout eternity
My voice has no limit, I don't have a voice-box
For I am the voice, voice is under my feet

I fit no description, I am indescribable
Yet my facet is known throughout the ages
Of my mercy, my righteousness, my holiness
Men speak my story, I need no story-telling
For even storytelling is me, storytelling is under my feet

I am God, the Creator
I speak and create, I can create and destroy
I can even destroy what is already destroyed
For I can create what has not been created
I can lift a village into a city and bring down empires
At one fell swoop
For creation and destruction are under my feet

Jehovah-Shalom is my name, The Lord of Peace,
I can calm turbulent waters, I can pacify raged hearts
I can send a dove to the mind of a killer, I can conciliate
I can mollify, I can placate
For peace is me, placating is under my feet

I suffer no depression, mortification is not me
I never tire, exhaustion is not me
I never sleep, lethargy is not me
I need no holiday, recess is for my creation
I am God, the Inexhaustible

C) Lorot Salem 2011


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