Friday, 18 February 2011

God Recites a Poem ( Part 1)

I am God, I share no name with mortals,
I am Elohim, God the Creater and Transcendent
I am El Shaddai, God All Sufficient

In the beginning even before beginning
was beginning I was there;
For I can't be measured by time
For I am El- Olam, the Everlasting God

I am God, the Indescribable One
For I don't fit into the tongue of man
I defy his lexicon for I am the lexicon
Words are under me

Jehovah- M'kaddesh is my name,
The Lord Who Sanctifies
I am holy, delight is mine for righteous souls
Chagrin fills me for the unrighteous

I am God, the Invisible One
You can't paint me on a canvas
Yet I take a walk in Exhibitions
And marvel at your works

I am God, a poet
In fact the greatest poet in heaven and earth
( Heaven and earth? Nay, without limitation of time and space)
I need no script to write my verses and proses
I need no inspiration
I need no style
I suffer no writer's block

My poems are not enclosed in books
They are in the lips of man my creation
They are in the beaks of birds my creation
They are in the tides and waves
Morning dews

My poems need no review nor critique
For they are just that: Classicals
You see them everyday on the face of a stranger
A talented man walking on tight rope
You see it on a child's face
You see it as the wind blows on a grassy field
Those are my poems, those are my classicals

I am God, I am the Everlasting Poet.
The Bard,  The Sonnetist, The Ace Rhapsodist.

C) Lorot Salem 2011


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