Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Alphabet of Kenya

A—A is the Anthem of Kenya, Ee Mungu Nguvu Yetu Ilete Baraka Kwetu

B—B is the Blood we shed for Uhuru, the legacy our forefathers bequeathed us

C—C is the Chama we formed, Kavirondo, KAU

D—D is Dedan Kimanthi, our shackled shujaa whose body we can’t trace

E—E is England, our colonizers, the mabeberu

F—F is the Flag, the Kenyan flag fluttering in the free Kenyan wind

G—G is God to whom we all look up to for sustenance

H—H is Harambee, that word that calls us to pull together

I—I is indigenous that was hated, despised

J—J is Jomo, Jomo Kenyatta, the Father of our Nation

K—K is the Kipande that we carried on our necks

L—L is the Land we fought for, the reason why we died

M—M is Mekatilili, the woman who fought for Uhuru

N—N is Nairobi, the Metropolis, Our City

O—O is the Opposition, the ones who fought for the Second and Third Liberations

P—P is Press—Muigwithania, Sauti ya Mwafrika, Habari za Dunia, Musmengerere—that spoke for us

Q—Q is Queen, Her Majesty The Queen, to whom the Union Jack was hoisted

R—R is the Railway, the Kenya-Uganda Railway that we toiled building

S—S is Swahili, the language that unites us, Hakuna matata, Jambo

T—T is Trade Union, the Trade Unions that risked arm and limb for us

U—U is Ugatuzi, the devolution of power, the county governments

V—V is Violence, the Post Election Violence 07/08 that almost blew us out into oblivion

W—W is Wananchi, of all shades and diversity, the ones who remind us of humankind

X—X is the Cross, religious or metaphorical that we carry as a Nation

Y—Y is the Youth, the Youth of Kenya, to whom the future lies spread

Z—Z is Zilizopendwa, the oldies of the 70s and 80s that played on our Santuri


Eee Mungu Nguvu Yetu Ilete Baraka kwetu- O God of All Creation, bless this land and our Nation.

Uhuru- Independence.

Chama- Political party.

Kavirondo- One of the earliest political Movements in Kenya before independence; same with KAU.

Shujaa- Hero.

Beberu- Coloniser.

Harambee- Let us pull together.

Kipande- Identification document that Kenyans carried on their chests before independence; It was required as they moved from one place to another.

Wananchi- Citizens; plural for Mwananchi

Hakuna matata- A phrase loved by tourists coming to Kenya literally meaning ‘there is no trouble’.

Jambo- Greetings in Kiswahili.

Zilizopendwa- Music of the 70s and 80s that the old folks love to listen to. They had a lot in social commentary.


WildWoman2 said...

Beautiful, kiddo. Such a fraught history and yet, the people continue to strive and remain hopeful - you the most hopeful of all, Poet of Kenya! Keep singing your song until it becomes a national anthem!

echoesofthehills said...

Thank you so much, Koko. I will keep singing the song. Who knows, may be this is a gift to posterity.

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