Friday, 6 January 2012

Pact With the Sun

New Year, 1st.1.2012, greeted my face
On the plains of Kacheliba
Surrounded by Kacheliba Hill
Shabaha Hill, Kadam Hill
As if I was in a kraal
Protected from the uncertainties
Beyond the walls of my Reality

There is something about Sunrise
The death of night, the birth of day
The ball of energy rising above the hills
Cold gives way to warmth, darkness to light
The morning sun is like millet porridge
You sip in bits—you can’t have enough of it!
So, with such a bright new year
Land illuminated with radiance and energy
Who was I, Lorot Son of the Hills,
Not to be bathed in her caressing beam?

At that moment, I made a pact with the Sun—
Not that she could fail me, nay—
That whatever positive energy she lit me
I will carry it through my day
At sunset, I will watch her
To be renewed in her Rejuvenation Phase
That there will be no sunrise nor sunset
That I will let the glory of my life be dulled

And if the Sun burnt my skin
I will remind her, “Love, go easy on me,
I have the whole day of my life,
How will I feel your rays when my skin,
Like a leper’s, is dead to the Truth?”

I will remind the sun
That I will need a piece of her “fiery ball”
Just an iota imbedded in my heart
For sometimes when my heart is dampened
I will need some fire to sparkle an inferno
In a world full of flooded fireplaces
Of dreams that never sparkled, intentions that
Never lit

Some days, I will urge upon the sun,
Like sunset, to watch life’s mysteries
That I should remember that
Even the sun dies everyday
Sometimes all I will need is to
Realize the frailties of this life

I got a portion of positive energy
The sun of my life is up
I have a pact with the sun
The year 2012 will be a radiant year
The joke in town is:
People’s lives will be so bright
They will need some sunglasses.


WildWoman2 said...

Yes, everyone will need sunglasses, the new year is dawning with such promise for Lorot of the Hills.

Madhumati Manjunath said...

How beautiful. I love the way you just seem to soak in the positiveness of the sun's rays. An iota of the sun's love is all we need. The rest of our destiny is our initiative. I think you'll make it, now that the sun has blessed you.

S.E. (Sharon) Ingraham said...

"the sun of my life is up" - what a great phrase; perhaps we all need to have that tattooed on our palms - good poem, well said.

echoesofthehills said...

Thanks a lot S.E. (Sharon) Ingraham. Welcome to these sacred hills. Your resounded echo resonates well with the hills.

Please welcome again for another pilgrimage. There are no stipulated times.

echoesofthehills said...

Behen, your echo ( the first this year) also soaks me in the "positiveness of the sun's rays".

Thanks for your good tidings.

You will also make it this year-- in a big way!

echoesofthehills said...

Oh, thanks Koko!!

You will also need sunglasses. There are wonderful things in store for you.

And about those little rays which bounce against the beam, don't worry about them. Sooner than later, they will be soaked in the beam!

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