Tuesday, 31 January 2012

This World Has Changed Much


I don’t want to talk about religion
You have what you believe in
Whether you be a Catholic, Protestant,
Muslim, Buddhist, Theosophist

I don’t want to question anyone’s belief system
That is beyond me
I leave that to Metaphysicists and thinkers
You can read their essays, probe their wisdom
That is not my function

But it troubles me
If only we lived by what our religions taught
If only we strove to be Religion’s Teachings
The Bible,The Quran, The Upanishads,
The Gitas, The Key to Theosophy—name them—
All these, even Tolstoy’s Gospel in Brief,
Materially urge upon us to replicate goodness

So, why do we kill?
Throughout history, Nations kill in the name of God,
“To protect their sovereignty”, they claim
And as soldiers are dispatched
Religious leaders pray for them
“God of Love,” they pray,
“Protect our soldiers. Let them not fall in
 the harm’s way.”
It is as if when the bellies of their ‘enemies’
Blow into shreds, those are toy bellies
That haven’t fallen in ‘harm’s way’

We have glorified war
Little toy games orient our minds to bloodpath
We watch the scariest horror movies
Where blood, like geyser, spurt from decapitated heads
And as such, we grow numb, we become dumb

Tell me which war was worth human life?
Tell me whether men create lives, show me a cause for war
Then when we annihilated ourselves
And called it ‘upholding security’
Or ‘protecting strategic interests’
All that was wanted was your voice,
But you kept quiet.

It was some contradiction, wasn’t it?
When you stood at the pulpit or in mosque
Or whatever hallowed grounds you stood
Preaching about Love even for your enemies
And somehow became decidedly mum
On the cannons decimating human population
Which fear overwhelmed you?
I thought you could speak Truth

Because you kept quiet,
Millions of lives are getting lost
Because you still keep quiet,
No one speaks against the war,
Because you keep quiet,
Commands are given to kill
Murder is rewarded
The nonsense goes on and on

But imagine if YOU stood your ground
And said, “My belief teaches me of Love,
My conscience WILL NOT allow me
To allow the KILLING and BLOODBATH!”
Imagine if you met the Presidents and Kings
And told them, “God has sent me to you,
To tell you that your hands are dipped in human blood
And that He has commanded that you STOP IT!”

May be by doing that, war will end.
May be, by doing that, war would have ended.

But you chose to be silent.


Beth Snowflakes said...

lovely pep talk,
well, agree mostly,

we are indivuals who have different belives,
respect and embrace is the key for humanity,

letting your honest reactions out like this helps, bless you.

Happy Valentine's Day.

Paris Foliage said...

what a dig..

well written thoughts.

echoesofthehills said...

Thanks a lot. Thanks pilgrim for making a pilgrimage to these sacred hills. May your feet visit the hills often.

echoesofthehills said...

Thanks a lot. Thanks pilgrim for making a pilgrimage to these sacred hills. May your feet visit the hills often.

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