Friday, 20 January 2012

Live Each Moment As If It Was The Last

Ninety years of life, ninety years of sigh
Apprehension, depression,
Life rushed for that perpetual bliss
Always futuristic
As if the magic of Now was a mirage!
Ah, what waste! What loss!

All you would have needed were seconds
Nine seconds in every nine seconds
To watch Akorinos dancing bare feet
See them sweating, beating drums
Or watch the earnest face of a child
At Aga Khan Walk learning skating
Or keep your eyes open to life’s humours

When sorrow befalls you
Let that moment occupy your heart
Cry, feel that pain, experience it
If you are keen enough
Out of sorrows and man’s darkest hours
Were man’s dawn of morning birthed

I watched somewhere
You trick your heart when sad
You tell it, “All is well”
You repeat it
Thinking back, I say those words
They are my mantra

The taste of life gets bland
Soon when we dream of a magical garden
When at our doorstep is a rose;
We dream of amassing esoteric knowledge
Yet we never ask why we can’t sambaza phone battery power;
We dream of houses and cars
Yet our hearts are decrepit shacks
Lacking in the essence of Truth;
We postpone our lives till everything is ‘perfect’
Yet fail to realize the imperfections of today
Make life worth living

So, let the Wheel of Time spin,
I will catch all its pleasures and sadness
I will live each moment as if it were my last
I will not rush anything, I will not be afraid of living
I have realized the magic of Now.


WildWoman2 said...

Oh, Lorot, Son of the Hills, how did you grow so wise so young? This is the secret of life, and its most potent magic: the beauty of Now. I love the mantra, All will be well. It is mine, too. And I LOVE the dreaming of a garden when at our doorstep there is a rose. YES YES YES!!!! "We dream of houses and cars when our hearts are decrepit shacks". Continue to look at life with those wide-open eyes and your wise heart. You know the secret of joy already. It is seeing what is right there before you, and all around you, in an abundance of beauty. Wow. You are an Old Soul.

theunknowngnome said...

Yes, to every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose.

Lorotpoetry said...

Thanks so much Koko. This is what happens when Grandson meets Koko and share the potent wisdom. I owe it to you!

echoesofthehills said...

I agree, TUG! I feel humbled in the presence of great people among them you, TUG.

echoesofthehills said...

I agree, TUG! I feel humbled in the presence of great people among them you, TUG.

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