Friday, 2 September 2011

Three Short Poems for Koko

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(This poem is a tribute to a great friend and "Koko", Sherry Blue Sky. As a young man, I learn a lot from her especially on the virtues of kindness, selflessness and creativity. Her nuggets of wisdom, her self-effacing nature, her humorous self all add to the beauty of this planet we live in. And, mimicking her, she would start, "Hey, kiddo..." May this poem bring joy to your heart)


On Chasing After the Moon

Koko, or Koko(nut) (perhaps?)
We carry the planet in our hearts
Our treasure trove dwells in our blood
Pray, what are minted coins
Today present, absent tomorrow?
Of what use is wealth without convictions and principles?
What is a gold vault worth if hidden in a treacherous valley
Of rocky heart and darkened intentions?

So, Koko, if we be at the desert of want, the two of us,
Let our throbbing hearts pumping far-wrought dreams
Vide shared intentions
Be our oasis

Let us carry on, Koko,
Our sights at the stars,
Our vision to the wonders of the moon

What are tweedle little cosmetic illusions
Disguised as artificial neon lights, anyway?


On Ocean’s Tides

We are such sands,
Spread across the oceans of the world
Each of us a grain, each of us a beach



Oh my head.
The poem ends here.



Salem Lorot said...

Let me see if this comment section works. Let me hope it does.

Salem Lorot said...

Yes, it works!!

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Salem, what a GIFT you have given me this morning! Such a BEAUTIFUL tribute. You write with truth and vision, of what is Real and Meaningful in this life. My favorite part? "Argh. My Head." Hee hee! Totally hilarious. Wow, this morning has started out so wonderfully. Like opening gifts all the way down my inbox! Thank you. Humbly. Thank you. Now go shine your light some more on this old world. It needs you.

Salem Lorot said...

@ Sherry Blue Sky, I also humbled by this. I knew what your favourite part would be. ( That makes me a prophet, he he).

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