Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Hongera Wakenya*

Congratulations are in order for Kenya's athletes for scooping so many medals in the just concluded World Championships in Daegu 2011. As we say over here, "Najivunia kuwa Mkenya" ( I am proud to be a Kenyan).

Photo credit: KBC Website

I have always tried to imagine
what passes
inside an athlete's mind
400 metres
Before finishing line
Is it money?
Is it victory?
Is it the air rushing through their noses?
Is it the impending jubilation?

Photo credit: Mark Ralston/AFP/Getty Images

When Wimbo wa Taifa* is sang
Kenyan flag hoisted up
What passes in an athlete's mind?
Is it the crowning moment?
It is the world audience?
Is it the fortune?

Photo credit: Daily Nation website

What of a raised hand, then?
Is it a safe way to let passion currents
Escape through it
Else, such a joy suppressed would kill?

Photo credit: Random picture doing rounds in facebook

Finally, when he breaks into a dance
Oblivious to the world
Unconcerned to the free entertainment
Notwithstanding the athletic ribcage
What tickles him to dance?
Is it the delayed sprint motions?
Is it the gold medal?
Is it the embedded African rhythm?

As you sprinted to victory
What passed through my mind
Was that I had that speed
I ran with you
I felt air rushing in
The adrenalin rose in me
Now we were neck and neck
And when you crossed the line
Ironically, I crossed with you
Not a micro-second before or after
Not my nose tip before or after
As for how
Let IAAF worry about that
They could invent more rules

Lorot Son of the Hills Notes

Hongera Wakenya- Kiswahili for congratulations Kenyans.

Wimbo wa Taifa- Kiswahili for national anthem.


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