Sunday, 7 August 2011

Serious Grass Business

(Prompt: Poets United Thursday Think Tank #59 Grass )

Let me wear camel-skin pair of shoes
Walk the walk of a herdsman
With far-flung clouds teasing above him
And the mist of hope lost
In a sweltering heat

What will I feel?
If I had an AK-47 on my back
A dozen arrows and the right instinct
Pray, from what will they protect me from
Unless I shot at the heaven’s tap?

He will walk on and on, that herdsman
To the point of listening to his footsteps
And after many days
Behold, he will lead his cows
To a no-man’s-land
Where one minute egrets
Abound and the next vultures prey
Life and death
For many months
This will go on
This little hobby of looking for grass.

C) Lorot Salem 2011


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