Sunday, 7 August 2011

Journal of a Pokot Market Boy

(Prompt: Poets United Thursday Think Tank #60 Market Days

Lorwaa-dressed pretty Pokot girls
Men on shuka, cattle bells heard from afar
Mitumba sellers, Rock hotel abuzz
Blaring loudspeakers of crusading pastors
The concealed whistles of lomedos wooing their girls
Car horns, vegetable vendors, shop sellers
It is market day, Kacheliba

It is a one-day affair
On a Sunday.

A week long dazed small town
Comes to life
Once again
Cattle sold in the open
Hot tea served defiant of the midday sun
Feet oiled yet get dusty all the same
Loafers strolling aimlessly with prodding sticks
Clever goats partaking of maize vendors’ ‘wares’
Bicycle riders with missing bells
Careful buyers bargaining for hours
Patient vendors sweating in the sun
Sugarcane packed under ses tree
Thirsty bestraddlers of the market
Crouching on their knee-caps to drink from kisima
O, Kacheliba Market Sunday!

C) Lorot Salem 2011


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