Wednesday, 24 August 2011

L is for Land

 Prompt of Poets United The Thursday Think Tank #62 The Third Letter of Your First Name

My first name is Salem. The Third letter is L. L it is. Here we go

I noticed today that the letter L
Appeared in both my names
I couldn't think of a befitting word

Like Land
Where my umblical cord lays buried
Betwixt the graves of my forefathers
And the ancestral oron tree

For which they sat under
And shared tobacco
That tree still stands

Near it is a colonial slab
Where my kinsmen were jailed
The Chief and the D.O sit on it

On important occasions
Perhaps symbolically to belittle that past


Mary said...

Salem, I always enjoy your poetry and and your insights. This poem is no exception.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Salem, this is beautiful. I love that your umbilical cord is buried under the tree where your kin sit. What is the D.O.? the district officer? Love it that they sit on the colonial slab "on important occasions".

The third letter of my name is E. All I could think of was EEK!

Salem Lorot said...

@ Mary, thank you so much.You keep me going and the feedback I get motivate me to write more and more.

@ Sherry Blue Sky, Thanks Koko. You guessed it right, the DIstrict Officer in deed. And you could help to give more insights into EEK. Am sure where you pulled that from, there must be some more info.

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