Saturday, 27 August 2011

Because it diffuses

For a prompt by Poets United. The Thursday Think Tank #63- Something Stinks

“Kinsman,” he ventured,
“I smell of burning feathers doused in paraffin”
And as he said this, his wrinkled nose
Dilated, constricted, dilated again
“But,” he continued, “my nose hasn’t picked
A smell so vile as that of a liar’s;
His breath hits the pit of your stomach
Mixed with cheap honesty and adulterated
Upon which I said:
“You talk big, sir, speak from my level”
“Look at it this way:
The rancid smell of a lying tongue
Escapes the barricaded walls of a mouth
Why so?”
“I don’t know”
“Because it diffuses, my son, it diffuses
Bad smells have layers and levels
Like ethyl mercaptan, they stink to high heavens!
You smell pungent things everywhere in the city
From the broken sewer to festering wounds of
Beggars lying in the sun
In the evening, behind your closed doors
You will see the mouth of a politician open
Spitting tommyrot and carrion
For the next three hours you will spray air freshener
And see little or no result!”


madhumakhi said...

Very, very true. No odour diffused as dangerously as a well aimed lie.
Expressing a truth through conversation is a very powerful way of getting a point across.

Salem Lorot said...

Thanks a lot Madhumakhi. And the art of conversation put my message across and I loved it. Karibu tena. (Swahili for welcome again).

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Oh I love this one! Well done.

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