Monday, 15 August 2011

In Pursuit of Happiness

For a prompt of Sunday Scribblings #279 Pleasure 

Have you ever felt that tickling sensation on your feet
And felt like to scratch it but just sat idly?

Have you heard your stomach rumble
In a meeting, and all you did was to shuffle your feet?

Have you rubbed a feather inside your ears
Softly, ever so softly and closed your eyes in pleasure?

Have you felt so hungry
And suddenly gate-crushed into a barbecue party?

Have you listened to the best music
And all you could do was to tap your feet and drone along?

Have you  laid your hands on a legal thriller
Flipped pages over and over, forgetting to lock your door?

Have you been tickled by the character of your novel
And all you did was to laugh again and again like a man possessed?

Have you felt so lazy
And all you did was to keep your eyes open to save on your energy?

Have you once felt so stupid that it made you happy
Looking at yourself in the mirror and gave it a firm handshake?

Have you walked in the streets and felt like
Your phone had  been stolen, then felt it and smiled?

Have you felt good reading the last line of a boring book
And believed that you had read the book?


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