Thursday, 1 March 2012

Poems on Lent

As a Catholic, I am in the period of Lent— a space of 40 days culminating in Easter. This time is special in my faith because it is a time I am called upon to reflect on the my Christian Faith, fast more and search within myself whatever strengths I need to summon in my Christian journey. Of course this doesn’t mean that I should not observe these virtues at other times in my Christian calendar.
With the gift of poetry that Tororot has bestowed upon me, I will use it to sing about Him. In this fast-changing world, we might lose track of Tororot, the Author of life and creativity. I intend to go through this period with a more receptive heart and mind. 
Let us pray.

Tororot, in this period of Lent, we pray to all Nations that they would get to know You. The world has grown cynical and hypocritical. There is a lot of worry sweeping across Nations. Mankind needs Peace, the peace that comes by knowing You. Help us to be content as individuals and Nations. Whatever little we have, let the spirit of fulfillment dwell in our hearts.

Help us, O Tororot, not to be judgmental. For we are all sinners and have fallen short of Your grace. Teach us to cast our eyes to the majesty of the Nature you have given us for free—the mountains, the seas, the animals, the skies. Like children, help us not to lose the essence of life, of looking at life with a little more wonder and heightened curiosity.
More particularly, Tororot, bless the ones who read this message. If they be in want, meet them for Your glory. If they be in hurt and pain, soothe them Divine Comforter. If they harbor thoughts which can’t build, purify them. If they be filled with resentment, create peace within them.

For this we pray, Amen.


The Unknowngnome said...

Brother Salem, you have made my heart leap or more the Spirit that leads you in your singings of praise. I have read through your writings of this Lent and am so happy to hear a fellow Christian in praise.

I am just back today after having been away from the blogs for almost a month. I had grown weary of not hearing His word.

It was Sherry that had emailed me yesterday and told me of all the good things that are happening in your life that brought me back to visit you and she. I want to give you my congratulations. You are most deserving of all that God is doing and doing through you.

Again, your writings of Lent are inspirational and have brought me much joy.

Enjoy your first plane trip this Sunday. :)

echoesofthehills said...

TUG, O, thanks a lot!

I am back from a one week retreat. It was a splendid moment especially on the occasion of my maiden flight.

May God guide us through this Lent. I am humbled by the Grace of God in my life. His story is being written in my life. It is a big, big story.

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