Wednesday, 21 March 2012

My Mt. Kenya is up in Flames Tororot

This poem has been published at Eco Walk the Talk, Asia's Global Green Community which features eco-news, insights, living tips and people. I have been humbled twice now to be published in that wonderful forum of kind souls who have passion for the environment in its wide sense. Please visit the site, read their informative articles on what is going around. For the poem below, you could also access it in Eco Walk the Talk here


My Mt. Kenya is up in flames,Tororot,
The forest is being consumed--
the loss in billions, the pain immediate

My Mt. Kenya is up in flames, Tororot,
All my indigenous trees, the species, the ecosystem
All of them reduced to ashes

My Mt. Kenya is up in flames, Tororot,
Courageous souls have stepped up
Yet, the leaping flames are vengeful

I am here, watching the news
Watching good souls putting out the fire with tree branches
But the flames are also burning up my heart

I don't know what I would tell my children
Of how we lost Mt. Kenya
How will I say the fire consumed it for seven days?
I would look at space with pained expression
And say, "Son, Mt. Kenya burnt before me
That is how we lost her back in the year 2012"

Even before then, Tororot,
Just one wish: Please rain on Mt. Kenya
Please make life grow again
Even if some losses we might never regain.


It is a sad happening. For more than seven days now, fire has been consuming Mt. Kenya destroying billions-worth of trees and life. This is a serious tragedy.

This is how the disaster has been reported.

Citizen News

The Star Newspaper

The Standard Newspaper


Sherry Blue Sky said...

Oh so sad, fellow pilgrim, the forests burning. May the rains come.

echoesofthehills said...

May the rains come, Koko. All that is happening is breaking my heart.

aprille said...

I never knew.
And it hurts over here too now I'm reading this.
Such a place of pilgrimage for all sorts of reasons, religious or no.
A loss to the entire world, but most immediately to those living around it. Cruel fate, taking away something so precious to so many.

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