Friday, 11 March 2011

Unusual Dialogue

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From  a Prompt fromThe Thursday Think Tank # 39 Ghosts at Poets United

Cadaverous phantom
balancing snuff bottle with a stick
giving a throaty sneeze
dressed in a camelskin flat-shoe
walking on my mind.

"Quick," he implores,
"blow that snuff to the edge,
let it spill, let it be free"
unsure, I fidget
the apparition stamps on my mind
echoes hit my cerebrum


whenceupon he quips:
" Lameduck! Could I drive
my nails to your eardrums?"
which he does, I swerve
I remain on the spot

the apparition unfolds to me
laughs at my fright
then, as if on second thoughts,
speaks kindly, tells me:
" I was once you, dunce,
had clipped nails too
minded my own business too
but now, now that is no more
I walk on people's minds
dregs litter them:
broken thoughts,
begrimed aspirations
mucky mishmash"
the phantom makes out
the door of my mind
leaving me in
a state most confused.

~ Salem Lorot 2011



Sherry Blue Sky said...

Ho! Really good one. Love the snuff bottle, stick and the "throaty sneeze". Well done!

Ella said...

I love the imagery! It was fun to read, to see where you were taking us~

Salem Lorot said...

@ Sherry Blue Sky, thanks a lot
@ Ella, gladdened...all in the poet(ess)'s mind.

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