Friday, 4 March 2011

On The Sixth Day God Created a Woman

( This is the first poem of a series of poems to celebrate women on the International Women's Day on 8th March 2011)

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A woman, true to God's artistry, is a work of art
Every bit a masterpiece, coupled with a heart;
It is no coincidence, fellow mortal, when all is said
That the Good Book reckons "fearfully made"
I imagine God saying this on Day Six:

" And now Eve I create thee
From a rib, thine breath mouldeth thou
Out of Adam, I create thee"

But God looks askance at his work
Fetches for an angel saying:

" Forgot the tear-ducts,
Eve won't be eve without tears"

The angel fetches it and God says,
"It is good"

Upon opening the cranium, God tut-tuts
Fetches the angel again saying:

"Need to reduce the brain size,
fetch me a spatula
Eve needs to communicate"

The angel fetches it and God says,
"It is good"

But upon feeling the palm of his work
God again says to the angel:

"Quick! A sandpaper!"

Upon making Eve's palm soft, He says,
"It is good"

Adam appears from flowers
Retorts: "God, this is not fair,
All the day you have modelled Eve
Yet for me you just blew into my nostrils!"

Upon which God, in his Grace, responds:
" Good Adam, thou art a man
Tear-ducts thine eyes don't need
Soft palms thine hands don't need
A fair creation in Eve have I created
All for thee, Adam "

* I have made reference to the woman's brain being reduced by God. This is scientifically correct ( I mean their brains being smaller than those of men). On my reading I discover that though small, a woman's brain has many nerve cells and thus able to communicate effectively than men. So, that stanza was not in any way derogatory.

C) Lorot Salem 2011


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