Thursday, 24 March 2011

My Feet This Way That Way

From a prompt The Thursday Think Tank #41 Uniforms and Service by Poets United

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As we sat on terraces of Nyayo Stadium
Feasting our eyes on the marching Army Band
For some time, we were those quick steps.

As the twenty-one-gun-salute rang the air
Each cannon a carom of hope
Molecules of indecision got shattered
For some time, we were those cranks

We imagined how it felt
The white-gloved hands slashing air
Eyes tilted to one side, the commentator saying:
“Mtukufu Rais, mbele yako ni kikosi cha jeshi cha nevi
Kikiongozwa na Luteni Kanali Lorot”

“Your Excellency, in front of you is the Navy
led by Lieutenant Carnal Lorot”

Then I would imagine me calling the president
Him, the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces
To inspect the guard
My trunk will be straight it could form an arc
My flamingo legs made sturdy by this moment
I will stamp my feet this way, that way
The President himself by my side
Two most powerful people in the whole of Kenya
Feet this way, feet that way
My head raised, I care not if it hits the floodlights
Feet this way, that way
Ah, is this a dream?

C) Lorot Salem 2011


Old Ollie said...

flamingo legs - brilliant - nice work LS!

Isabel Doyle said...

Even if you don't agree, it is hard not to be stirred and carried away by marching and bands and the tramp of feet in unison ...

Kim Nelson said...

I felt the precision and control as the narrator marched... feet this way, feet that.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

It made me march, here in my chair, lifted right up the ranks from lowly floor scrubber to commander-in-chief! I grew proud with your words. Great writing!

Salem Lorot said...

@ Old Ollie, actually they are...sometimes they aren't very sure whether to withstand the weight or to rebel. Ha ha.

@ Isabel, I agree entirely. There is something about it that entrances us, holding us spellbound...

@ Kim Nelson, thank you. How I loved those words. Twas as if they held the code to the marching manual.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Lorot, I sent you a message via your facebook page..........

Salem Lorot said...

@ Sherry Blue Sky. Poet(esses)s are a gift from God for they see what ordinary beings don't see and feel what others brush superficially. So I would understand if you actually marched in your room...

Salem Lorot said...

And yes, Sherry Blue Sky, I got the message. Thank you so much. Good tidings to you.

Peggy said...

I enjoyed this very much. Love seeing different places illuminated as seen through poetic eyes. I am wondering if this is a relative of yours or even you. Thank you. I will have to go now to look at your profile.

Salem Lorot said...

@ Peggy, appreciative. Well, here in Kenya we usually have national celebrations like Jamhuri Day or Independence Day. On such occasions, the bands resplendent in their marching gear. And oh yes, I have a brother who will be a soldier very soon.

Thank you for stopping by, Peggy.

Eileen T O'Neill ..... said...

Salem Larot,
I had the image of the parade ground in front of my eyes!
Indeed it must be a great moment, to feel like standing proud, even when having to firm, those flamingo legs.
Best wishes, Eileen

Ella said...

Great imagery and the power of protection! So well put! I love this line, "Molecules of indecision got shattered For some time, we were those cranks" so powerful! I love the idea of
flamingo legs~ Well Done!

Salem Lorot said...

@Eileen, gladdened. The marching band captures our imagination

@Ella, haha..the poll results reveal that the image of 'flamingo legs' carried the day...

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